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Pelikan Shipbroking
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Pelikan is working directly and closely with well known Far-Eastern and European shipyards. We develop both conventional ships (bulk carriers, tankers, container vessels, gas carriers, roros, ropax vessels) and very sophisticated offshore units newbuilding contracts (powerships, powerbarges, FSRU) with Fareastern Yards. We also develop Fast ferry and Ropax newbuilding contracts at European Shipyards.

Pelikan directly supports Turkish Shipbuidling Industry which has been growing to become one of the world's prominent shipbuilding hubs whith its boutique shipbuilding capabilities. They are able to handle sophisticated projects such as asphalt carriers, chemical tankers, offshore units as well as convensional bulkers, tankers and container vessels.

The company can accurately guide its clients who are willing to line up orders at the shipyards and assist them in finding the right shipyard for the right project, through negotiations and contracting and finally delivery stages. if you are interested in contracting any type of vessels for newbuilding, please contact us at snp@pelikan.com.tr