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Pelikan Shipbroking
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- We have close relationships with the leading Korean and Chinese shipyards who are specilising in offshore vessels newbuildings such as:

* Semisubmersibles,
* Accommodation Semisubmersibles,
* Deepwater rigs, 
* FSRU, 
* Jack-up rigs, 
* Wind turbine installation vessels 
* These shipyards are willing to design a special vessel for your needs if you have a niche offshore project worth for both party to proceed forward (i.e. Powerships etc).

- Turkish Shipyards
* Tugboats - We have very close shipyard friends in Turkey with whom we have developed number of Tugboats newbuildings over the years. We can guide you closely on choosing the right shipyards in Turkey who has a reputation of building excellent quality tugboats for trading even in North Europe. 

They also have truck records on most of below type of vessels newbuildings: 
* Eskort boats, 
* Pilot&Mooring boats 
* Crew boats, 
* Platform Supply Vessels, 
* SAR Boats, 
* Ambulance Boats, 
* Police Boats
* Windfarm Service vessels
* Anchor Handling Tug Supply boats
* Hydrographic Research vsls
* Dredgers
* Fishing Boats
* Work Barges
* Floating Cranes
* Coast Guard Boats
* Fast Patrol Boats
* Fast Attack Crafts
* Landing Crafts

Our sale and purchase team also actively working on second hand sale transactions of offshore vessels as well.If you have any newbuilding or second hand sales and purchase request of any type of offshore vessels, please contact us at snp@pelikan.com.tr