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Please kindly send us following information to our snp@pelikan.com.tr email address

*vessels name
*ss/dd position 
*together with following LOI wording written in your headed paper and signed by MIC of your company

Letter of Indemnity 

We, ......., acknowledge that Pelikan Denizcilik Ltd Sti have told us that due to the current turmoil and uncertainly in the financial markets ship values are very volatile, unstable and irregular. Whilst Pelikan Denizcilik Ltd Sti, have agreed to provide an indication of potential values,  we agree that such values are provided without guarantee and that we will not seek to hold Pelikan Denizcilik Ltd Sti responsible for any consequences of our use thereof.  Further, we understand that the valuations have been provided solely for our own use, and if we provide the valuations to any third parties, without the express written agreement of Pelikan Denizcilik Ltd, who subsequently allege any loss from their alleged reliance on the valuation, we hereby agree to fully indemnify Pelikan Denizcilik Ltd Sti for any loss or damage suffered or incurred.

In order to see our valuation report text pls click 'here'